Coconut Chicken- Mmmm!

So a little while back I decided that I wanted to try some new recipes and branch out from the easy ones I have been making for forever. We had this Chinese food cookbook just sitting on its shelf so I decided to look through it. It was little surprise that everything looked and sounded incredible, seeing as I love (and David loves) Chinese food. The recipe title "Coconut Chicken" seemed to stand out in my mind as I searched the pages- so that's what I made. It called for some fun new ingredients that don't frequent my kitchen: coconut milk, ginger root juice, and the like. Our little family walked to the Chinese grocery store and bought all that we needed, and some. Then I got to work... I had to somehow get juice out of that funny looking ginger root! Not much time later and we had this delicious meal to devour! If anyone wants the recipe let me know but for now I am too lazy to type the whole thing out. Let me just tell you that David said that it is his new favorite food :) Doesn't it look like a dessert?! Yumm


Suzanne said...

This looks and sounds delicious! I would love the recipe!

Randie Sue said...

YUMMM!!! I want to try this out sometime for mom, dad, and I. That sounds like it was difficult but also fun to make. Can I pretty please have the recipe?

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