Hospital Thank-You Cards

After going into preterm labor and experiencing the hospital from a different perspective, I really became aware of how grateful I was for good nurses. My main nurse was incredible. She allowed me to make decisions regarding me and my unborn baby's health, unlike the triage nurse who acted as if I didn't have options or a say when it came to what treatment and actions they needed to take. 
I had already planned on making thank-you gifts for the nurses who would take care of and assist me during and after labor, but this earlier experience really sealed the deal, and I got creating soon after getting released and coming home. I was on bed rest, but this was something I could work on from the comfort of my bed. It also helped take my mind off all the millions of other preparations I wasn't able to do, like set up a nursery. I convinced my husband, who was adamant about my resting, that I was well enough to go with him to pick out the items from the store. 

I really loved the thank-yous that Jess from Craftiness is not Optional made for her nurses, and put pretty much the same stuff in my thank-you bags. Here's what we included:
- Chocolate bar
- Chapstick
- Gum packet
- Pen
- Hand sanitizer

I also designed a little thank-you tag to tie around each bag.
I used the bottom color options since we were having a boy, and tied them on with some colorful fabric scraps. I created the tags in two colors, with and without a message attached. Lucky for you, I making all four options available for download, so that you too can say thank-you to those who don't get as much praise- the nurses, midwives, doulas, and even family and friends. They are the ones there with you more time than the highly paid doctors :) and I think they deserve some thanks!

To download click on the option you want to be redirected to the download page.

**As with all my free printables, these are for personal, non-profit use only! Thanks**

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Anonymous said...

these are super cute! how many did you make? (how many nurses did you have?)