Sunday Best

So here are pictures of K and I's outfits for church. I made both of the dresses. My dress was from a pattern and turned out much larger than I was expecting... I made K's Saturday night after she went to bed. It is just a pattern I thought up and it turned out pretty cute. We both received many complements- though I know they all thought K's was the cutest!The fabric for her dress was in the super sale sale section at the Cotton Shop. I always love a bargain!

Here is a picture of me wearing a skirt I made a while back. I had been wanting something yellow for spring/summer and I finally found the perfect shade of banana yellow-it is a beautiful woven with a very subtle striping to it. I bought the fabric for $2 and whipped this out. I forgot to buy a zipper, so I just made it button with loops on the side. It's so swingy and so comfy!


Randie Sue said...

I need a new skirt. Hint hint. Your fabrics are beautiful. Once again good job.

Melissapher said...

Great job on the skirt and the dresses!! I'm really wanting to get started on some dresses of my own. I also love the pinafore you made for Kiera, too! SOOOO cute!

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