Loveable Kreations

Happy Valentines Day everyone! My sweet family and I got in the spirit of Valentines Day this year more than usual. I wanted my daughter to enjoy the holiday, plus it gave us lots of fun things to do and keep busy. For family night we made valentines for each other.
l. to r. : Daddy's to Mommy, Daddy & Mommy's to K, Mommy's to Daddy
K had fun making valentines too. She made the big ones for her grandparents, and the little ones for mommy and Daddy. The pink one is for daddy (If you can't tell, the sequins make the letter "D" for daddy on the pink heart, and an "M" for mommy on the red heart.)
Early in the month I made these little pom-poms. They're kinda silly, but K has worked up quite the little pitcher's arm from throwing them around.
To pass time while daddy was at work, we made sugar cookies. K helped hand me the ingredients and when the cookies were done she sampled to make sure they were good!
Now, I just have to brag on my mom for a second. She showed up at our place with this lovely little bag. It was filled with homemade turtles! D loves turtles and I have to admit, I'm eating one right now as I blog. She even homemade the caramel- YUM!

Can you tell that we like them? This is just the start of our celebrations, I can't wait to see what else is in store! I hope you all have a deliciously sweet and happy Valentines Day!

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