No Longer a Surprise

I can finally post these pictures, as my sister finally received it in the mail and it's no longer a secret. My youngest sister just celebrated her 19th birthday so I sent her this lovely purse- or as my daughter calls it, a "poose. She started it last summer by sewing the floral pieces together into two panels, but that's as far as she made it. It was sitting lonely at my momma's house, so I decided to finish it for her and send it off to her for her birthday {she seems to be the recipient of many purses.}

I added lots of pockets for organization, and by the end I wanted to keep it for myself. Can you believe that with all the bags I've made, that I haven't yet made one for myself... maybe one day! But, I'm glad to report that the recipient loved it and left a nice {and loud} thank-you message on my phone! Love you sis!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

i am seriously in LOVE with that bag! if your sister wasn't the owner of it now, i would really ask if i could buy it from you...love it. so cute kinz!

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