When I should be working on numbers 1-10 on my To Do List, instead I decided to do this during K's nap this afternoon. I was inspired by many skirts, but figured out the pattern on my own & it actually turned out-
I guess I just enjoy the instant results of little projects...

When she awoke from her nap, luckily it fit perfectly with a little grow room!

As long as her quilt get's done before #2 is here, we'll be good (and K will be well dressed!)


Jamie said...

you are so amazing...i think i need you to give me a sewing tutorial, haha!

Paul~Melissa said...

That is so cute!!! I love how you can just "whip" things out! I made a crib bumper that should have taken 1/2 a day or something, and it took me 2 full days! I need some easier projects!

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