Sunday Sundries- Birthday

Todays Sunday Sundries is dedicated to my "baby" sister! Today she turns 19 years old, the last teenager in the family. So being in the birthday spirit, here are a few lovely birthday themed finds from Etsy.
I've always loved buntings, and am still designing one to go into K's big girl room. Here is a cheery one from MerigueDesigns:
I love cupcakes. They are so fun to decorate, and they look so petite and tasty. Here are some that at first glance appear real- want a taste? Visit The Fakery Bakery to get your own yummy felt cupcakes:
Who else forgets important dates, or uses their phone or facebook as reminders? I am guilty (don't worry sis, I remembered your birthday!) What a better and cuter way to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates, than this colorful calendar by MagnoliaMoonlight: Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Happy Sunday! Hope you all have a lovely and cheery week!

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Jamie said...

very cute finds kinz!

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