Western Week- Day 1

Lately I have been making a lot of items out of one of my favorite novelty prints- Lil' Cowpokes by Michael Miller. Living in Texas, this print seems to perfect to me! So here is the first of several items I will be posting this week that feature this print. I made this diapers and wipes clutch for a friend's baby shower- it was a diapers and wipes shower (because it's her 3rd boy), so I thought this clutch was only fitting. It's size can easily fit 3-4 diapers (those are large size 4 diapers, I bet it could fit a ton of those itsy bitsy newborn diapers), a wipes case, and diaper rash cream- and improvement I made to the one I got that can hardly hold 2 diapers and a wipes case.

1 comment:

Paul~Melissa said...

Such a cute print! and the diaper/wipes case is super useful! I love the one you made me!

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