Another Baby Shower!

So I went to the cutest woman's baby shower the other day. (Did I mention that we are very-distantly related... she's the cousin of my cousin's husband...) Anyways, she is having a girl this month and I just know that this baby is going to be one adorable and stylish lady- just like her momma. I was trying to figure out what to make her and this is what I came up with.
Ever wonder what to do with all of these?

Get someone to make you one of these:

I was running out the door headed to the shower and realized that I hadn't taken a picture of it- ack, no picture!! So this picture is a bit dark and it's ready to be gift bagged up. So, if you were confused, those three little rolls aren't toilet paper (as my sisters thought when first seeing the picture...) they are three lengths of ribbon attached to the back. You just clip your bows on the ribbon and you're set!

It was my first time making a bow holder and now realize that I NEED to make one for Kiera. She currently had all of hers jammed onto a little bow holder thing I made that also houses her necklaces, ribbons, headbands, and belts... a little overloaded I'd say. Well baby Mia's turned out so cute, that I've added that project to my list of things to do.

Can't wait to meet you baby Mia!!


Suzanne said...

This is really cute, Kinzie. Just adorable!

Paul~Melissa said...

I love the bow holder idea! It is so perfect for little girls- my niece is ALWAYS loosing hers- and my sister gets mad because she buys the really cute clips and then they are gone so fast!

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