Carry & Cover

I've been getting ready for little brother some more with these two projects:
(I was a test sewer for Whitney over at We Chirp. Keep your eyes out for her coming nursing apron pattern.)
I'm ready to cover a nursing baby and...

carry that cute little boy!
Can't wait to put my projects to use- 4 weeks!


Paul~Melissa said...

Kinzie those are awesome! You are going to love those once he arrives! I love the fabrics you picked out-- you always have such great fabric!

Shelly Beth said...

So cute! I hope he lets you use both! I. wouldn't let me cover her while I nursed, but A, does. BUT, A. hates those slings because she is so compact (She is almost 12 lbs. now so she feels a little smushed). I would like to try a ring sling, though! Maybe, just maybe, she would like that. I need my hands free - she still never lets me put her down!!!

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