Getting Ready for Little Brother

I always have a new project that I'm working on for little brother... clothes, bedding, decor, or fun accessories (yes, boys can have accessories.) They may not get the bows and ruffles so I've been working on some other accessories: My daughter has been in love with her pacifier since the day the nurses in the nursery gave her it. A clip was a necessity. So I decided to make Little Brother some of his own... if I can make it, why buy it?
I just discovered these cool plastic clips and want to try them out. I would buy the clear color in bulk, so if anyone wants to order one for themselves, let me know. I can get lots of cute ribbons (that's the best part!)
These pacifier clips work with pacifiers that have a hanging handle, like the NUK brand that we use.

If you use a different type, and actually want to order, let me know, as there are different ways of attaching. Anyways, thought I'd share with you my excitement for my latest creations!

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Shelly Beth said...

OK, so I. is like K. and has used a pacifier ever since birth and probably won't give it up any time soon, but she doesn't need a clip because she only uses them at bed time now. BUT, A. uses a binky and I would like a clip for her, but the smallest pacifier I could find was a MAM and they don't have the hangy-thing in the front like the NUK. How would you attach it to the MAM? What are you charging? In the future A. might use a NUK (that is what I. uses), but for now I have to use what works :) I might be interested in some.

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