Halloween to Thanksgiving

Wait! Before you toss those pumpkins, here's a fun little project I made using a little pumpkin and things lying around my house. What you'll need to make this quick and free project:
-scrapbooking paper in different colors/patterns
-shishkabob skewers
-white paint marker
-black marker
-or googly eyes
1. cut out 9 feathers from scrapbook paper. size is dependant on the size of your pumpkin.
2. trim skewers to desired length. I had to trim off about 1/3 of each skewer so that it wouldn't be too long for the feathers.
3. tape feathers to skewers.
4. stick skewers in pumpkin to make turkey feathers.
5. cut out turkey head, beak, and dangly thing from paper.
6. glue or tape beak and dangly thing to head.
7. draw eyes on head or use googly eyes.
8. attach head to skewer using tape.
9. stick head skewer into pumpkin.
10. display for all to see!

Have fun transforming your Fall decor into Thanksgiving decor and getting into the holiday spirit!


chandelier said...

That is such a cute idea.

Shelly Beth said...

I have been trying to come up with fun projects to do with Iz this month and I am totally doing this! Thanks!

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