Handmade Holidays: Glass Etching

Here's an fun project you can make for loved ones on your Christmas list. I made these for my siblings as a pre-Christmas gift (because I thought it would be better to have them the whole month rather than get them on Christmas day.)

You can get class hurricanes and vases cheap at Walmart or even Homegoods. Shop around, the glass doesn't have to be fancy because you will be fancy-ing it up yourself! Also, when you buy glass etching cream, make sure to use a coupon because it can be pretty pricey. (I bought some glass paint that is supposed to give glass the same frosted look as actual etching that was a fourth the price. I'll let you know how it compares once I get around to trying it out.)

Anyways, here is what I made:

The one above was my first attempt. I tried to save on etching cream and didn't do a thick coat like the instructions say... thus the uneven etching. So speaking from experience- use a THICK coat!

Another thing I did was used the negatives of my vinyl. I hand cut my vinyl with an exacto knife and wasn't about to let my hard work get tossed without using every single piece.

I had grand plans of creating a tutorial as I made these, but since etching got squished in between my daughter's musicology class, baby feedings, and running errands... picture taking was my last priority. Luckily, I searched the internet for one after-the-fact and found one on ISLY (It's by a  girl who used to be in my church ward. She's amazingly creative.) Check out her tutorial here.


Ashley said...

I love etching. I do it for wedding presents on 9x13 pans. Put a monogram or their last name and you're set!

Kinzie Sue said...

Yeah, that's why I started, because a piece of tape just doesn't suffice when bringing dishes to people's homes. Plus etching looks so pretty!!

Whitney said...

So cute!! I love the candle holders you gave me... <3

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