Two More Stockings

When my husband and I were first married, I didn't own a sewing machine. For our first Christmas, I wanted to make our stockings. So I stitched every piece by hand. They were padded, fully lined, had heel patches and a top cuff. I think my hands were raw by the end. When my first baby came along, I finally had a sewing machine and could put hers together in no time. Two years later, I made our son's stocking. Check out THIS POST to see pictures of their stockings. This year we've added two more stockings. One for our new little baby, and one for Jesus. As I make each child's stocking, I don't give myself any restrictions. I don't care if one stocking matches another. I just pick fabric that reminds me of that child. Our daughter's is flowery and girly. Our first son's in cowboy themed- he was our first child born in Texas. And this last stocking is sock monkey themed, for our hairy, cuddly boy.

This year I also made a simple stocking for Jesus. I made this one our of natural cotton and some white linen. Simple, yet beautiful. Many of you may already have one or have heard of this idea. Sometime during the Christmas season (some do it on Christmas Eve) each member of the family writes something down on a piece of paper that they are going to "give" to Jesus. It's a resolution of sorts. Maybe you will try to serve others more, share more with siblings, and the like. Then the following year, we get to look back on our gifts and see how we've done. 

Our stockings are hung, now it's time to fill them up!

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Suzanne said...

Love your stockings and the thought behind the one for Jesus. That monkey fabric in a stocking is priceless!

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