Tablecloth turned Cinco de Mayo

Once upon a time (last summer) I bought a red flowered tablecloth meant to use for the fabric. It sat and sat, alone and unused in my fabric stash. That was until I decided to try out a pattern I had brewing in my head. I sketched it out to make be sure of what it would look like. Then I cut out the body pieces. I had to make a muslin trial sleeve to make sure it would work, and it did, so I cut it out of the real fabric. I few rows of elastic smocking later and we have this shirt.
(doesn't it look a lot like the sketch above)
I decided to call it my Cinco de Mayo shirt, because to me it looks a little festive! K was asleep when I made it, but luckily when she tried it on it fit perfect!


Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Suzanne said...

Of all the cute things you've made -- and there have been many -- THIS is my favorite! Emilio said it best! ;o)

Jamie said...

it amazes me how you just whip things up. you are so talented!

Paul~Melissa said...

I love it!!!!

Jeannine said...

How cute is that top. I love the modelled picture. Great idea, and good for you to bring it to life.

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