A Swimmy Success

A couple of weeks ago, my friend enlisted my sewing skills to create a modest swimsuit top. I have to admit, I was scared of the thought, because I've always heard that swimsuit fabric was intimidating and hard to work with. She found some fabric she loved, and there was no turning back- I was onboard and excited for this new challenge.
(found at the amazing Spandex World Inc.)
We decided on the look- lots of fun ruching, halter straps, and longer length. I made one draft, that looked great, but was sized wrong (who knew how much stretch I'd have to take into account?!) I took a few measurements, and draft two turned out perfect!! Let me just say that it looks FAB on it's happy new owner who will be putting it to great use on her vacation this week!
(J- I hope you don't hate me for using this pic... I stole it from your blog...)
Now I'm already thinking about next summer and my need for some cute non-maternity swimwear.


julie said...

Kinsey, I love it!!!
your the best! thanks!

Cook Family said...

You did a great job! Julie is so stinkin cute! I'm sure you will come up with some cute matching things for next summer.

Toni Dee! said...

I've always wanted to try this . . . but now that I know it was hard for YOU maybe I wont! Maybe a suit for the girly before I try the jumbo Mommy suit!

Shelly Beth said...

I second cute non-maternity swimwear! Good job on the top, it's way cute!

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