Falloween Decor

Haha... dumb title but Fall + Halloween = Falloween... right?! Anyways. Living in an apartment, I don't have much space for decorating, especially extra decorations that get added during the holidays. But I did just want to share the few little sprinklings I have around my home that have gotten us in the Halloween/Fall mood.

I had some orange candles that I discovered stashed away and put those to use, and I inherited the 3 little pumpkin votives from my mother. Here's an easy project. I had three empty 3.5 x 5 frames. I hate this size of frame because the pictures in them are always too small. So instead, I took some orange paper (a bit bright for my liking, but it's what I had) and then I printed out BOO in a caligraphy font. Now, if only that cat were a ghost it would make a bit more sense.
Found this little pumpkin make of cattails that will carry over past Halloween for some Thanksgiving decor. It's the only thing on my mantle that resembles holiday decor, simple but cute. (Okay, I have to admit. I wanted to do up the whole mantle with apothecary jars, skulls, ravens, and the like. But it felt a bit wierd putting those up next to a statue of Christ... maybe one day I can have a sofa table or something that I can cover in those Halloweeney things!)
Haha... this needs no explanation, just thought I'd share our bit of whimsy.

I hate silk flowers, but I'm too cheap to buy a bouquet of real ones and replace them everytime they die. Maybe I should buy potted plants, that would solve that problem.
Anyways, I had to find a way to hid the ugly stems so I took some jute webbing and fixed the problem.
My daughter is a huge acorn collector. Everytime we go on a walk we come back with pocketfulls of acorns. I put them to use as vase filler for my sunflowers. I also have some cute jars filled with candy corn and fall colored wrapped chocolate- YUM!
Have fun decorating your home for Falloween.

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Shelly Beth said...

Cute ideas! I love the BOO picture frames. I am going to something similar in the girls' room when we move next summer!

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