Rows of Ruffles

I switch out my pillows all the time. It probably drives my hubster crazy. I've seen tons of ruffled creations floating around, and finally made one of my own.

I took a large old white t-shirt, cut off the hem at the bottom, and cut it into as many 1.25" strips as I could. Then I sewed a long basting stitch down the middle of all my strips. My pillow is 20"x20" so I gathered my t-shirt strips up to measure 20" in length. I used a natural colored linen for the main pieces. Then I sewed the gathered t-shirt strips in rows on the front piece of my pillow- right over that gathered up basting stitch. I made an envelope closure on my back piece and sewed the two sides together. Old t-shirt + scrap linen pieces + reused feather insert = total cost $0

It turned out rather cute, and will fit in great with my new pillow theme. We'll see how long this pillow stint lasts :)


Melissa Peterson said...

Awesome pillow idea! I love it!!!! So once you gathered the white strips, did you sew over the basting stitch to attach it to the linen? I think I am going to try this one!!!!

Kinzie Sue said...

Yup, that's exactly what you do. Sorry I didn't write that in there. (going to add it now.) Have fun!

Whitney said...

I want one of these...please!!! love love love them!!

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