T-Shirt Painting for Kids

Each day of the week we have a theme. Monday is Make Something Monday. So far this summer, we've baked fun dinners and yummy treats and made puppets. So today's project was painting t-shirts.

I cut out a shape from contact paper, then stuck it on the shirt. Then, I let the kids go to town with paint and circle paint sponges. I made sure that they filled in around the shape so that it would show up. We waited for the paint to dry a bit (not completely . . . we were too eager.) Then, we peeled away the contact paper to reveal our shapes. Now we just have to wait for the to dry completely. Once they are dry I will heat set the paint by ironing over each section for 30 seconds using a press cloth to protect the iron from the paint (just in case.)

You can get shirts for under $3, and we already had the fabric paint. It was an inexpensive project, but one the kids loved. The kids are so proud of their work, and I love seeing the fun they have doing it.

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