Can-Can Frills

If you haven't seen the newly named Can-Can Skirt over on Dana's blog MADE, then you better jump on the bandwagon, because this skirt is all the rage! When I first saw it, I put it in my brain as something I had to make for K. Dana recommends using non-fray chiffon, but I was too eager to get started, and didn't want to wait on shipping times... so K and I headed over to JoAnn and bought a few colors of tulle and were ready to get started. After some simple measuring, some cutting, and lots of gathering, we present K's Can-Can Skirt!

It's so puffy, ruffley, and fun! Thanks for the inspiration Dana!


Suzanne said...

Absolutely adorable. I suppose I'm too old to make one for myself ... dang!

dana said...

SO cute!!!
And it turned out great with the tulle also. I love the girly color scheme

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