For a long time now, K has had an obsession with owls. At bedtime, she often tells me that the owls are going to bed, and thus it is okay for her to go to bed. Thursday morning, she said that she wanted an owl... I asked if an owl pillow would do, and she agreed. So we got out one of my fabric boxes. I told her to pick one pink fabric and one green fabric. She then decided on the embroidery floss color of blue and picked out the beak color. She was my little assistant- handing me pins, scissors, and even stepping on the petal (almost getting my finger sewn to Miss Owl's eyes.) After it was sewn she helped stuff away. We finished the owl just in time for naps, and Miss Owl was put right to use as a cuddle buddy.

Welcome to the family Miss Owl!


Paul~Melissa said...

So cute! did you use a pattern or make it up as you go? I love it!

Kinzie Sue said...

I just made it up as I went... like most projects, I just wing it and hope for the best :) Luckily Kiera wasn't picky, so I wasn't too worried!

Suzanne said...

Love your pattern. Those droopy eyes are adorable. K takes after her great grandmother when it comes to lovin' the owl! ;o)

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