Feelin' Green

March hit and I took down the Valentines decor and brought the luck of the Irish to our home... in small doses. Here is one of em:

(don't judge my picture quality. my camera refuses to turn on, so this was taken with my webcam-ha!)

I grabbed the green section of my fabric stash and tried to get inspired. Nothing too creative came to mind, so I stuck with the tried and true flag bunting.
1. I cut out a 5x14 inch rectangle on each of 5 fabrics.
2. Then I created stencils out of contact paper. Stick the stencils onto one half of the rectangle. Paint the letters and allow to dry. Once dry I took the stencil off.
3. Fold the fabric rectangle in half so that you have a 5x7 inch rectangle and press (this will also heat set your painted letters.)
4. Sew 1/4" from the raw edges on the right side of the fabric. Trim edges with pinking shears.
5. Using seam binding, sew the binding to the letters spacing how ever far apart you want.
6. Hang them up and get in the Irish spirit!

How are you bringing the luck of the Irish to your home?

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