Itty Bitty Ties

Dressing a boy is more fun than I thought it would be. Back in January I decided that I wanted to make B a tie for Valentines Day. I made a trial-run version with the blue pinstripe and it turned out exactly as planned, so then I made the red version. He looked so cute in his little tie and was quite the charmer for his first Valentines Day.
(Yes, I realize that V-day is WAY in the past, but my camera has been broken since before then. We finally bought a new one, so I finally took pictures, and am finally posting this!)

I am in the process of creating a tutorial. Being in the process of moving, I'm warning you that it may be a while before I get it up. So check back for a tutorial, and check back for pictures of the ADORABLE outfits I made my kiddos for Easter... I have to wait to post them since they will wear them this upcoming Sunday for our Church's ward Easter program. So excited!!


Paul~Melissa said...

Cant wait for a tutorial! Good luck with the move, hope it goes well! Where are you heading? did you buy a house?

Mickelle said...

Somehow I lost your blog contact info waaaay back and just re-found you! Hope things are going well for you guys... we miss you.

I'm with Melissa -- would LOVE a tutorial!

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