Hair Flowers

My friend had her sweet baby girl. I went to one of my go to bow shops, and wanted to buy a bucket full of them for her. But alas, $4.99 for a flower and $2.99 for a little ribbon bow seemed a bit absurd especially since I wanted to get her stocked on lots of colors. So, as is my motto, I decided to DIM (do.it.myself.) The kiddos and I got back in the car (not an easy task) and headed to the trusty HL(Hobby Lobby.) In the end I turned out these:
And because my daughter would hardly loosen her grip on the flower, I told her if she was good, I'd make some for her. I made multiples of some of the colors- so, a few for the new baby, and a couple for the big girl.
Oh, and did I mention that the headbands were $2.99 also, but I made 6 for $3... 50 cents each! Score!
Best part of all of this, is that I made them for super cheap in hardly any time at all (and in my opinion, they look better than the $4.99 ones!)

So here's to putting a huge flower (that's practically the size of the baby's head) smack dab on that girly girl's head!

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Jamie said...

i need to do this! like tomorrow!

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