My cousin's son was having a party. We've been recently initiated into the world of boy-ness. So recently, that I haven't had much practice in creating gifts for little boys. I hardly ever just go to the store to get a gift, and since it was my cousin, there was no doing it the lazy way. So I went to my fabric shelf and had a looksee.

One of my daughter's favorite things to do while we're playing is to fly with her stomach on my legs, "Look Mommy, I'm not holding on!"  Little broter is starting to find the joy in this too. Seeing my cuties soaring in the air was inspiration, and I knew what my fabric would be used for- a SUPER-KID cape!
When he pulled it out at the party, at first he wasn't quite sure what it was (he's three, can you blame him?) But once us big kids told him what it was, he wanted to put it on and have his mom fly him around. Then the other kids wanted their turns wearing it and flying. I think that's a good way to get a good arm workout. So there's my SUPER-KID cape, that also gives you a SUPER workout!

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