Sunburst Mirror

Once I finally found and completed our bedding ensemble, the next task was filling the space above our bed. We don't have a headboard as of yet, and I knew exactly what I wanted above the bed. So far, the rest of the items in our room are all square, and straight. So a sunburst or round mirror of sorts was what I envisioned. Everytime I found one I liked, I always reasoned with myself that it wasn't perfect for the price. Then I stumbled upon Sweet Something Designs tutorial for a sunburst mirror. It was destiny! I ran out the following morning to buy my supplies. I crafted during the kiddos naptime and after they went to bed at night I finished it up. In the morning I hung it on the wall and am in love. I'm not sure if I'm totally sold on the color, but that can easily be changed... however the room really needed something metallic so it really looks great.

So thank-you Michelle for filling the void with your crafty tutorial!


Caitlin said...

It looks great! That's a good idea to have something up there that's not so square. I have the same problem... every thing I do seems to be square!

Are you going to do a post about your bedding? I'd love to see what you've done with it!

Kinzie Sue said...

Once I finish more of the room, then I'll do a big reveal with lots of pics! I love how it's coming along so far!

Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

Holy cow Kinzie Sue, that looks fantastic!! It was easy wasn't it!?! What a great job! Thanks so much for sharing this with me! Your bedding does look interesting, can't wait for the reveal.

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