Chicken Wire Earring Frame

I've had this project in my head for a while now, okay several years now. I don't own a jewelry box of any sort, so my earrings currently reside in a large cardboard jewelry box- you know the kind that a nice pair of earrings or a necklace comes in from the jeweler. They'd get tangled and I never knew what all of my options were. Since I'm trying to keep busy lately, I decided today was the day to finally just do this project.

I headed to a local thrift/antique store and bought a large frame without glass. It was sloppily painted white, so I came home and gave it a few more coats of white and topped it with a pearl finish. 

Once it dried, I measured the opening, and cut some chicken wire [I bought mine at my local Home Depot. It's back with the fencing materials in the lumber section, but you can always ask an associate for help finding it.] about an inch bigger on each side. Then I used my staple gun and stapled it to the back of the frame. I didn't take a picture of this next step, but because the edges of the wire were scratchy and could scratch up my wall, I put some duct tape over the raw edges for some padding (I was going to hot glue some seam binding over the wire edge, but didn't have enough in the right color so I took the easy route with duct tape. I think eventually I'll take the tape off and do it right.)

Then I hung it on the wall. I just put a few nails in the wall and hung the chicken wire loops over each nail.

 Then it was ready to get some earrings. After hanging them all up, I realized that my collection is pretty sad- looks like I need to do some shopping ;)

Finally, all of my dangling earrings are out where I can see them to quickly find a pair to match my outfit.  I think I may get some S-hooks to hang up some bracelets, and I'm sure you could hang necklaces  the same way too.

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Jamie said...

where did you get your chicken wire?

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