Grandma's 80th Quilt

This past June, my maternal grandmother turned a beautiful 80 years young. My mom took part in organizing a party for her out in California. Part of the celebration was to be the presentation of a family heirloom quilt. Each descendent - child, grandchild, great-grandchild - contributed a square for the quilt. Then my mom pieced the quilt, had it quilted, then bound into one beautiful piece of art. One of the greatest parts was seeing the individuality of the squares. Some had pictures, some had patch-working, some had embroidery, some had drawings- together they made one unique quilt filled with the love of those who took time to show our mother/grandmother/great-grandmother our love for her.

Here are the squares that I made to represent our family:
For our family square I painted the shape of Texas. Then I cut little pieces of fabric to be our clothes, then I embroidered our bodies & our family name. For the 3 children's squares, I made a stencil and painted their silhouettes. Below each child's silhouette I embroidered their name and birthdate. (I blurred it for privacy.)

I wasn't able to be at the party when my mother presented the quilt to my grandmother, but I do have pictures. I love her facial expression as she lovingly touches the quilt.

I hope that every time she sees this quilt, she will know of the love her family has for her.
Happy 80th Birthday Grandma!

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