My New Diaper Bag

Okay, so it's not really new, new since I've been using it for the past couple of months since baby E was born. But it is newer than the diaper bag I used with my other two babes, and it's new to this blog. When I was expecting baby #3, I decided that I deserved to upgrade to a new bag. My prior diaper bag was a nice one from Kalencom that my mother bought me and I loved it. It is still in excellent shape though it's gotten a bit dirty. So instead of figuring out how to clean it, I decided I wanted a new one. After browsing for bags online, I always fell in love with the $200+ ones or I'd find one in a good price range and it wouldn't have all of the features (pockets, pockets, pockets) that I wanted. Thus, I decided it was time to pull out the sketch pad and pattern my own. I made sure to include all of the details I wanted: tons of pockets on the inside and out, longer straps that can hang over a stroller or shoulder, zipper top, sturdy yet soft structuring, fully lined, fun shape, detail trim, and awesome fabric. It took some brain power to figure out how to fully line it the way I wanted with no exposed seams white doing a zipper around the top curve, as I've never done it before, but I figured it out and here is the result:


 Back with large flat pocket

Side- both sides have a gathered elasticized pocket, perfect for water bottles, sippy cups, keys, etc.

Front flap pocket with magnetic closure. I drew in this pocket half for styling sake and half to function as a pacifier pouch. However, it's more commonly used as the library card pocket. I added the fabric flower just for fun.

The inside: there are 7 pockets around the inside edges- 3 smaller elasticized on one side, 2 large elasticized on the other size (great for diapers and wipes), and one flat pocket at each end. Plus there is tons of free space in the middle to throw blankets, nursing cover, toys, etc. It has a super stiff rectangle insert in the bottom to add to its sturdiness and help it hold its shape. The great part is that it zips closed for security.

Cost breakdown (most items were bought with a 40%-50% coupon:

exterior fabric- $10.50 for 1.5 yards [This was the biggest steal making my project much cheaper than it could have been. This Thomas Paul fabric is regularly $35/yard but I bought it during a store moving sale at Calico Corners and got it for $7/yard- that's 80% off!]
lining, piping, and straps- $5
fusible fleece- $5
elastic- $2
magnetic closure- $2.50
zipper- $3

Total: $28!

I love this bag! The super low price combined with the fact that I made it hence no one will have like it and that it actually turned out exactly how I envisioned and drew it up, makes me love it even more!

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Melissa P said...

Turned out awesome!!!! Homemade is always be the best (because you can get exactly what you want!) Way to go Kinzie!

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