Chester the Elf: Days 1-5

I packed up the three kids and went to the store with the intent of buying our very own Elf on the Shelf doll, only to find out that the coupon expired that morning at 2:59 AM. Have you ever seen a coupon expire at that time? I haven't. I wasn't about to pay full price for the little guy, though it would be a fun tradition. So I came home and got to work making our own unique little elf. 

I had some red wool felt that I used for his outfit, and some other felt that I used for his face, hair, hands, boots, and hat. I put wire throughout his body to make him bendable and I put magnets in his hands so he could grasp things. After finishing him that night, I set him on my sewing table and went to bed. Sometime that night, Santa must have come to our home to take Chester back to the North Pole to finish up some gift making. The kids were thrilled that our little elf was already getting into mischief and had disappeared.

December 1st arrived at our home, and guess who had returned- none other than Elfie Chester! Look at what he's been up to the past 5 nights:


Wait and see as we discover what other mischief he'll be getting into until Christmas!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Do you have a pattern you are willing to share? Or did you just make it on the fly... because I'm very impressed!

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