Cowgirl Party

Anyone who knows my daughter, knows she is a cowgirl at heart. It all started with an outing to the rodeo, and since then she has been hooked. She loves horses, boots and cowgirl hats. Every time she sees a horse or a barn, she shouts out its name with excitement. So last year, as her birthday approached (okay so several months before her birthday) she told me she wanted a cowgirl birthday party. I had been throwing around party themes, but that idea topped them all, and I was so excited to get planning. With a baby due just weeks after her birthday, I wanted everything ready way in advance. We planned, made lists, bought supplies, and crafted.

I had so much fun designing the invitations. When they were finished and printed, we drove to each of her friends' homes to delivered them.

When the day arrived I put up a few simple decorations and we had lots of fun activities to do. 
As the kids arrived they got to dig through a basket filled with cowgirl/boy hats, handkerchiefs, vests, etc. and dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl.

We did a bean bag toss:
I saved a big piece of cardboard from some package we received way back when (finally justifying my oh-I'll-keep-that-because-it-may-come-in-handy-one-day hoarding mentality.) Then I sketched out some farm animals, then painted them in. Once the paint was dry, I cut out some holes and was ready to go. I made some bean bags out of scrap fabrics. Then, I just had some helpers hold up the board as the kids tossed the bean bags.

We did stick horse races:
I was originally going to make some simple stick horses then give them away as favors, but time got the best of me. Instead I borrowed some from my mother-in-law's prop filled Drama classroom.

We played pin the tail on the horse:
I used a piece of brown poster board to paint a horse on. Then I cut out tails from black poster board. Each tail was labeled with a child's name. The rest is self explanatory.

We played Pop the Pig: 
This was the kids favorite activity (except a few of the younger kids.) I blew up a ton of balloons and drew farm animal faces on them (mostly pigs.) Then on the count of 3 the kids were to see how fast we could all pop the balloons. It was loud, crazy, madness, but the kids LOVED it.

After games and presents, we sang and ate cake:
This was my first time using fondant on a cake. It made the decorating process much easier. I made one traditional cake and then lots of cupcakes.

As the parents arrived, K handed out the goodie bags:
We filled each handkerchief with some horse stickers, sheriff badge, horse tracer & pencil, and some candy, then tied it all up with some string and a "Thanks Y'all" tag I designed.

My cowgirl and her band of buckaroos had so much fun, and I had fun putting it all together to make it a special day for my sweet little girl.


dakinejg05 said...

Hi, I love your cowgirl invitation! I would love one just like it for my daughter's birthday party, did you buy it from a website? Where and how could I get one like it?

Kinzie Sue said...

I actually designed the invitation myself. Email me and I can work with you to get it customized for your daughter's party! kinzieskreations (@) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

What kind of paint did you use for the bean bag toss game? My pencil is showing through. What did you use to cut out such perfect holes?

Kinzie Sue said...

I just used the cheap acrylic craft paint, and my pencil lines showed through on the lighter colors like white, but it wasn't bad. I just used a serrated kitchen knife to cut the holes out. Hope that helps :)

Erika said...

What a cute party! Thanks so much for posting great ideas that don't cost a ton of money!!

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