Custom Boho Wedding Dress

When one of my favorite girls and previous babysitters told me she was engaged and wanted me to make her wedding dress, I was SO excited! Nervous, but excited. I mean it's only one of the most important dresses a woman will ever wear. No pressure!

We got brainstorming ideas right away. She knew she wanted a lace crop top look, with a fitted gentle mermaid skirt, so we designed based on that.

I had never made this style of skirt before, so I acted like I was from Project Runway and did a muslin mock up first.

After I fitted the muslin to her body, it was time to cut into the good fabric. I did a two layered skirt with a satin base and chiffon overlay. 

We used bridal buttons wherever possible!

Then it was time to start on the top. The bride wanted a dipped hem in back:
I handcut around some of the edge flowers to use as a trim along the back dipped hem. Then I hand sewed each of them on.
The top came together quickly. This was before the neck facing was applied.

We did several fittings to get the dress to fit just right.
And when wedding day arrived, the dress fit perfectly!
Such a happy day for a beautiful bride!

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