So I decided to add some variety from the usual sewing of clothes for K, myself, or my shop and go back to my former life of bag making for a day or so. Both were given away to some special people in my life. We all know that I don't need another bag, although I will probably add some more to my personal bag collection shortly. Here are two of the bags I made:

The other divergence was this little dessert plate. My mom collects them, and what a better way to add to her collection than with a one-of-a-kind plate made by her family. I had painted a lot of things for K's room back almost a year ago and I forgot how much I love to paint. It took a while to get K's handprint because she just wanted to play with the paint, but eventually this is what we turned out:Another non-clothing item that I made is this lovely apron that I made for my mother-in-law. It was a pattern I came up with as I went and love the fabrics and the little flower. So far she has put it to good use!!Also, while going through my pictures I stumbled across this picture. I made this itsy-bitsy graduation gown for a friend's baby whose daddy just graduated. He was able to carry her across the stage dressed in her very own graduation cap & gown to match daddy! This was a fun project!!
So here's a challenge to switch it up every now and then to add some spice and variety to your crafting!!


Shannon said...

Kinzie I love the things that you have made! That little cap and gown is adorable! I also love the totes. We love Dallin's little outfit. Thanks so much!

Suzanne said...

Lucky, lucky ladies to be the recipients of those handbags! Love the apron too!

Paul & Melissa said...

Do you sell your bags????? :)

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