Our Dresses

Here are some of my recent dresses. I finished K's on Tuesday. I bought the giraffe fabric for $2.00 at JoAnn and had the purple fabric left over from the bubble romper I made a bit ago. I like how the purple collar pops against the neutral print. It wraps and ties at back. It turned out really cute! Now here is the dress I made myself for Mother's Day. It is made of striped blue and white linen and it fits perfectly! It is breezy and light and will be perfect for summertime (or now when the weather decides to stay warm...)!
I love the tie details I added on the sleeves. So cute!


Suzanne said...

Kinzie, I love, love, love these dresses! The giraffe fabric with the purple is so cute -- you're right the purple fabric really does pop against the other. The striped blue is really cute too -- love the detail on the sleeve.

Paul & Melissa said...

Those are so cute!!! I love your work!

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