Friday Finale

For sake of completing a post this week, amongst the many things that have kept me busy, here are some projects I've been up to...of which I LOVE!
I had been looking for some wooden blocks for K, but hadn't found any that I thought were cute enough or for the right price. So here are the blocks I made for her. The blocks were $2 and the paper were some scraps I had in my stash. She loves them!

I had posted this dress on my family blog, and it has finally found its way onto this one. I learned how to smock and this was my first project. Overall the project cost 38 cents and 20 minutes! Love that :)

My sister gave me these shorts to try and sell to Plato's Closet- they said they were and older label (don't they still sell ones almost exactly like this at the store?!!) Anyways, since they wouldn't give money for them and I thought the fabric was perfect, I used it to make a summery ruffle top for KiKi. I think I may make some matching lounge pants with a ruffle at the bottom.

These "M.C. Hammer" pants as Dave calls them, were made without a pattern and on a whim... next time I will do some things differently. Overall they turned out cute, and a good thing is that they are short enough that K doesn't stumble on them while walking.

Last are these simple lounge pants with ric-rak on the bottom. After making them and K wearing them to playgroup, I discovered that they are a bit long, next ones will be a bit shorter. They are nice and lightweight for summer.


Shelly Beth said...

Everything on the blog is soooo cute! I had to spend a few HOURS looking at everyone's blogs after being gone for a while. It seriously looks like all the babies have grown so much since I last saw everyone. It has been along time since playgroup because I haven't been able to go. Anyways, I just love all of the things you have made. So, I am thinking that I would love to attempt to make something for Isabelle, I just don't know when and all that. I was thinking that maybe I can come by sometime and we can just talk about some of the patterns or easy things you have done yourself. That way I might be able to learn and few things and just do it when I have time (like learning about that easy blanket at Enrichment!) ALSO, I just went to my sisters wedding and my dad sent me this link: http://fabsugar.com/407419 I wasn't really thinking of doing anything with the bridesmaid dress until I got this and I thought maybe if I show you the dress you could come up with something great to do with it. You don't have to, I just thought you might think that was fun. Let me know. (Long post...sorry).

Adam & Wendy said...

So cute!...everything! I love the blocks. I always thought that would be a fun project, but never got to it. If we lived closer I would have to ask you for sewing lessons, you are so talented!!

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