Halloween Etsy Finds

Happy Halloween everyone! Although it would be a bit too late to buy these for today, I thought I share a few adorable pumpkin finds from Etsy. Don't fret- pumpkins can carry over through the rest of Autumn. Check out a few of my faves:

Pumpkin Hair Clip - LiliBugBoutique

Pumpkin Baby Booties- prettylittle

Pumpkin Applique Bib- upsiedoodle

Pumpkin Spice Hat- LullabyLamb

Pumpkin Applique Bib- upsiedoodle

Hope you all have a very happy and sweet Halloween- don't eat all of your kid's candy... and enjoy some pumpkins in any form will ya!

1 comment:

Paul~Melissa said...

These are all so cute!!! I am so glad you share your sweet finds!

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