Sweet Silhouette

I have been wanting to make a silhouette of K for a while now, and finally got around to doing it. I don't know why I waited, it only took a few minutes, plus a few minutes trying to get her to turn to the side long enough to get a picture of her profile. Plus, it turned out so cute. K walks up to it and says "Oh, baby" so lovingly. Now I will be able to look back at what her round baby face looked like when she is grown.
I started with a picture of her profile. I turned it black & white like so (not that important). I then drew a line around her silhouette.

Then, I cut out that shape, traced it onto white cardstock, cut it out and ta-da- a beautiful silhouette!

Now I have a personalized piece of art that I will love for years to come!


Paul~Melissa said...

Great idea! It turned out so cute!!

Shelly Beth said...

Great idea! I think I will try this with Isabelle. Did you blow up the picture you took? I was just wondering how you got the silhouette you made so big if her profile in the pic was so small?

Kinzie Sue said...

Yeah, just resize your profile picture to whatever size you want your end project to be. I made that picture into about an 8x10.

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