Oh how I love Spring! Lovely weather, birds chirping, flowers blossoming, beautiful colors, and cheery decor. I fell in love with Heather Bailey's Pop Garden collection when it first d├ębuted and instantly bought the Rose Bouquet in cream because it had my lovely aqua in it! The fabric had been sitting on a shelf for some time because I didn't know exactly how I wanted my pillows to look. At first I considered pairing it with another fabric from the collection, but instead went with some fabrics that I already had, keeping the pillows a bit calmer and less over the top. They turned out exactly as I wanted!
These are my first pillows that have piping - oh, how I love to make piping since first making it for my upholstered chairs! They also are my first pillows with a zipper- this makes for easy case removal and washing (a must with a toddler!)I'd say they definately add a "POP" of Spring color and feel to our living room- LOVE EM!


Kevin, Amber & Jake said...

uhm.... can i have one!!?! you should show me how to do the piping! amazing! love the fabric

Jamie said...

you are so talented kinzie. they are lovely!

Paul~Melissa said...

I love the pillows! They turned out really great!

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