Burlap... in a Nursery?

I bought a bit of burlap a while back and had plans on turning into a table runner for our coffee table. However, after once again realizing that keeping our coffee table decorated was a thing of the past, my plans went on hold. I mean, isn't a coffee table the perfect play table for a toddler? It's just their height and it's right were all the action is. So that burlap has been sitting on my shelf, just staring at me, wondering when he'd get his chance to shine.
On another, seemingly unrelated note... the kids' nursery is way too pink. Some things (flokati rug, pink curtains, paper lanterns...) are slowly being banished from the room into boxes, knowing their life will come back once K has her own room. But with a little brother entering the picture, we decided to save him from all the pink. Anyways, there was one piece of furniture that couldn't just be packed away- the toy shelf. Unfortunately, that too is pink. I glanced at it last week and had dreams of buying a new one... but then got an idea- a burlap bookshelf runner. I immediately went to work and came up with this:
The burlap goes well with the casual nautical theme, and the white letters make it PLAYful! Biggest plus, it covers a bit of that overwhelming pink!

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