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For those who don't know... I'm a little obsessed with digital scrapbooking. I don't use the programs to actually scrapbook, but rather to embellish my blogs. I love to create headers and labels, as well as buttons. Here is a button I created for my personal blog. If anyone would like to add it to their blog, feel free. Just click on the "Freebies & Tutorials" link on my sidebar and it will send you to the page where my freebies are located.

As I play around, I will be adding more free buttons for your own personal use, so check that page for updates! Enjoy!


Caitlin said...

So what size (in pixels) do you make your buttons? I've tried it before but they just end up being such big files and take up so much space on my blog.

Kinzie Sue said...

I do them about 200 x 200. It depends on the size of your sidebars where you are putting your button. My sidebars are about 220 px wide so I make my buttons a bit smaller. Some sidebars are littler, so you have to make them smaller. Hope this helps!

Amy Jean said...

I seriously need to learn how to create a button for my site. If you could email me at askamyfitz@gmail.com I would really appreciate it! I am friends with Kate L. Thanks!

DeAnn said...

Kinzie - what a great idea to use digital scrapbooking for your blog! I'm just starting to delve into the digital scrapbook world, so I'm excited to get started with that! Looks like I may have a new header soon!

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