I'm Back!

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted. 4 whole weeks! If you didn't already know, we had the baby and he is almost a month old already! I've packed my sewing machine away for the time being, but have actually pulled it out once since being on "maternity break." Although I am taking time off from sewing, I have managed to wrap up one little project. Here is another matching shirt set for my kiddos. I made big sister's shirt before baby was born and then just stenciled his name once we picked it- nothing extensive to do after baby was born. I'll have to post of pic once I get one of them wearing these cutesy shirts!I'll be posting a picture of the one sewing project I've done in the last four weeks as soon as I deliver it! (Them hopefully I can finish a friend's baby shower gift... whose shower was WEEKS ago!)

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