Ladybug Party: Tutu

My daughter's third birthday party theme was ladybugs. Lately, she's been a bug lover, so lady bugs seemed befitting for our little lady. And what does every little lady need on their birthday? A tutu of course! I made this simple tutu spending very little money (mine cost around $6) and very little time- perfect when you have lots to do!



Just in case you wanted instructions here they are. Sorry that I didn't take pictures because I wasn't thinking about giving instructions.

4 yards of red tulle
2 yards of black tulle
1/2 inch elastic
red thread


1. align the selvedge edges and cut your 4 yards of red tulle in half to make 2 two-yard pieces. Stack the two sections on top of each other and then on top of the black tulle. All layers should still be folded and 2 yards wide. Pin the layers together around the edges to keep them aligned and neat.

2. Cut along all of the folds so that each layers is now it's own piece and not connected with a fold. With black tulle layers on top of stack (or in whichever stacking order you want), fold in half lengthwise (black tulle will be sandwiched in between several layers of red.) Pin along the fold to hold all of the layers together.

3. Set your sewing machine to a short stitch length. Sew close to the folded edge (about 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch away from edge.) Now sew another line 5/8 of an inch away from that first seam. Be sure to backstitch.

4. Now that it's sewn you can remove all pins. Lay out and trim to make all the layers even on bottom edge and two side edges. (Or you can just leave it for a more wild look.)

5. Feed elastic through the casing you created. Adjust elastic to fit the child around their waste. Secure elastic by sewing across both ends.

6. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 20 inches long each piece. Heat seal the ribbon edges to prevent fraying. Sew the end of each ribbon piece to the casing edges over where you sewed the elastic in. DONE!
Now tie it on your child and twirl the day away!

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