The Blog Guidebook

After having a blog for quite some time now, so for you well informed/ well advertised bloggers, it may be surprising that I'm just now figuring out how to spread the word. Up until now, I've just run via word of mouth... no linky parties, no sponsering, no blog listing sites. My most recent discovery is The Blog Guidebook. I always love browsing crafty, mommy/homemaking advice, or other inspiring blogs. The Blog Guidebook has it all. If you are searching for a blog, you are sure to find several incredible blogs focused on any particular topic... another way for me to waste time be inspired on the computer! So if you're looking for some parenting advice, a craft project, couponing tips, or home design ideas, head to The Blog Guidebook, because they are sure to have what you are looking for!

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Helena said...

Hi! Cute blog! Thanks for the reference to another great way to "be inspired" on the computer! I will definitely check it out! Following from Free Hot Samples' Blog Hop!

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