That Calls for an Apron

With all of the fun new recipes I've been trying out, it might be time to share some of the aprons I made last month. I made one for a lady who enlisted my help in creating a Christmas gift for her daughter-in-law. She was making her DIL a cookbook and wanted to give her an apron to go with it. I've only made a handful of aprons before, and didn't have a pattern for one. So what do I do in instances like that? Take something I have, lay it on top of my fabric, and use it as a pattern. My mom made me a really cute apron, and so I used it as my pattern. After making the first, I knew that a second one, using the same pattern would be perfect as a bridal shower gift for a friend. Thus these two cuties were created:
I love the flared ruffle at the bottom, the contrasting pocket and binding, and the fun fabric combinations. Wearing something cute makes being in the kitchen even more fun.

And in case you're stuck in a cooking rut, you might want to head over to one of my new favorite cooking blogs.

I think we may try their Chunky Monkey Pancakes for dinner or possibly some fresh blueberry pancakes since I just bought two big cartons... we'll see. Either way it will be YUMMY!

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Suzanne said...

I love "Our Best Bites". Their food looks so incredible!

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