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Lately, I've been adding a little yellow into my daughter's room (and all over the house for that matter.) I think I've been yearning for Spring and sunshine. I have a few other yellow projects in her room that I'll show once I take the time to photograph them. So for Valentines Day, I made my daughter this piece of art to hang in her room.


This frame is pretty big- the opening measures 20" x 28" I designed one digitally, but didn't want to have it printed on photo paper, and I didn't want to wait (or pay) to have it printed somewhere else. So I put my mind to work. I bought a sheet of white poster board. Cut out the L,V, and E out of contact paper, and stuck them on the poster board. Then I whipped out some yellow spray paint I already had and sprayed the paper until it was as yellow as I wanted it. I let it dry then peeled off the letters. Then, I cut out a heart from pink cardstock, stuck it on, then put the art in the frame. It looks so cheery to match the beautiful sunshine we had today!

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Tara said...

I love it. Apparently we are on the same wavelength, checkout the shirt I just made my daughter. I think they might even be the same font!


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