Closet Dividers

The addition of our little man to the family, means that he and big brother will eventually be sharing a room. Me being the organized maniac that I am, knew that I needed to get their closet in order. I dream of built in beautiful closet shelves, bins, etc. but for the time being, at least getting the hanging clothes in order was good enough to satisfy my ocd. Browse the internet and you will find tons of options for closet dividers. You can buy pre-made and designed ones, you can craft ones out of wooden shapes or letters- tho options are boundless. 

Not wanting to put much into this project, I decided to just design and print up some simple ones for now. I measured my rod to make a center opening big enough, and I measured the space from the rod to the upper shelf to make the surrounding shape fit within that range. I could have got fancy with fun patterns on each divider, but I decided to keep it simple so that I could easily see the size text on each divider. After designing, I printed two of each size onto cardstock, used a circle cutter to cut out each one. Then I glued the two of each size together, laminated, and cut again. I was left with sturdy yet flexible dividers:

Here they are in use:

I am using up to the 3T dividers. But, as you can tell there are still boxes of clothes to put out, but we won't be using any of the 3-12 month clothing too soon. I keep all of their onesies and sleepers in their dresser to free up room to hang day clothes. It's nice to be able to see what we have in what sizes. In my dreams I'd love to have all store bought white hangers, but why pay when we get them for free. With the dividers I can ignore the sizes on the cheap-o hangers- so I can put a 2T top on a 3-6 month hanger and it doesn't get me confused.

The great part about my dividers is that I didn't have to spend a penny to be organized! Oh, how I love organization!

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