A Patriotic Mantle

I've been having a little too much fun lately with crafting projects. I have crafting injuries to prove it: hammered my thumb and got a nice blood blister, cut my finger on a tin can, burned my thumb while vigorously hand sanding a project, and when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed I had paint on my ear. All of these projects (and injuries) have paid off and lots of spaces and walls are getting decorated. I finished my Fourth of July mantle display and it's pretty fun and festive. I have one other element that might get added to it if I can make up my mind . . .

It's pretty simple, but we love looking at it and it gets us excited for Fourth of July festivities.

I made the patriotic bunting last year using scraps of red & blue fabric sewed together with binding. 

I made USA wood blocks using a 2x4 that I cut into 4x4 blocks. I painted them red, white, and blue, mod podged coordinating scrapbooking paper to the front side, distressed the edges, then stamped USA using craft paint.

The United States outline print is available for free download HERE.

I got the Pledge of Allegiance printable from eighteen25 HERE.

I made some pinwheels with scrapbook paper, glued them to lollipop sticks, and stuck them in tin cans.

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McKinzie Bean said...

Hey Kinzie I just found your blog, my name coincidentally is McKinzie Susan...pretty close to Kinzie Sue! You are so crafty I love your decorations and printables!

xoxo Kinzie

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