Cars 2 Cake

My little boy is obsessed with anything Cars 2 related. He likes Lightening McQueen okay, but he loves Finn McMissile. As his birthday approached, he constantly reminded me that he wanted a Cars 2 birthday party. 

Here's the cake I made for him:

I used a car forms cake pan, and chose the ones that were shaped most like Mater and Finn. I frosted Finn with blue buttercream, and left Mater as just cake, because it looked more rusty than frosting would have. I added the eyes, mouths, and wheels with more colored frosting.

The cake was just a plain vanilla cake, but I added chopped Oreos into the batter before baking. It has three layers, is frosted in cream cheese frosting and has crushed Oreos all over it- kind of looks like dirt . . .

The birthday boy loved it, and devoured Finn while sharing Mater with his big sister.

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