A Room for Two Brothers

Since both of my boys celebrated their birthdays last month, I decided it was time to share some pictures of their room. It's completed for now. Of course, I have more that I'd like to do with it, but I think it's at a good stopping point while I focus on other projects around the home.

Here is the picture I took of their room a month before the house was completed.

And here it is a month later, just days before we closed. It was a beige 12'x12' box. The perfect blank canvas.

At that point, big brother had the room entirely to himself, and this is what it looked like until we morphed it into his transitionary big boy room. We didn't know if the coming baby was a boy or girl, so I didn't want to do anything permanent.

After little brother's arrival, I started to mentally rearrange their room. I wanted it to be a playful, yet clean space for two brothers.

The twin bed that big brother sleeps on, has a match in the attic just waiting for little brother to be ready for it. I can't wait to have their matching beds lined up along the wall under their matching jute monograms.

The rocker has seen better days. It may soon become replaced with a little reading/ play corner. 

This just shows the room from different angles to give a feel for how things are laid out. I have had so much fun putting their room together. I didn't do any super difficult projects or techniques, but I love how simple and crisp things are. I will do a separate post showing all of the fun little details scattered about, and maybe a few how-to posts.

World Map print- Ink of Me via Etsy
Pirate Kitty print- Sass & Peril
Green stripe paint color- Behr, Grass Cloth 400D-5

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