Silhouette Project: Canvas

On of the many ways that I've put my kids' silhouettes to use was in a quick and easy canvas project. 

Here's how to do it:

1.  Print or trace the silhouettes onto contact paper (cut to a 8.5" x 11" sheet and run through the printer just you would with paper.)
2.  Cut out the silhouette using an exacto knife.


3.  Adhere paper to canvas (I had to spray some extra spray adhesive to the edges to make sure it stuck good since contact paper is meant to not be super sticky.)
4.  Spray paint canvas making sure to get a good coat around the edges of the silhouette. I faded it out to the edges though it's hard to tell in the pictures since I used a metallic paint.

5.  Let dry. The edges of my stencil curled up as it dried making it easy to remove.
6.  Hang your canvas for all to enjoy. I plan on adding the kids names to their canvas, but haven't decided yet how I want that detail to look. So for now they simply hang above our dresser, and I love seeing their cute cheeks, noses, and chins each time I change E's diaper.

I think this would be really cute in a shared kids room or in a playroom with each child's canvas sprayed with a different fun color.

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